They creeped into the room, the gangling Atropal still not noticing their intrusion. Suddenly they began their attack, attempting to destroy the supports that held the Soul Monger over the lava pool. The Atropal retaliated but they proved to be too much for it, both the Atropal and Soul Monger fell into the lava below, releasing trapped souls in a bright flash.
Searching the room they found several platforms with stolen Phlacteries, used by Acererak to keep others in line no doubt. A lone gate with glowing mist stood at the far end of these platforms, the party regrouped and ventured in.
Through the mist they found themselves in an underground chapel, black basalt pillars raise the ceiling around a polished obsidian altar. On the altar they found a human sized leather bag, full of something but not moving. Looking around the room they noticed 8 emaciated, green-skinned creatures shackled to the walls. As they realized the party is not who they expected, they held up their bonds, asking to be free in under-common.
The bag was searched and they found only a dead Knight of Torm, as could be told by his clothing. Probably a meal for the Sewn Sisters, they thought, as they began releasing the prisoners. They were nothics by the looks of them, probably gone mad from Acererak's teachings. Once freed they all fled through the misty gate, save one that pulled back a curtain and said "follow the purple trail."
They followed the instructions and found several secret doors down this hallway, but the charred skeleton at the entrance also suggested traps. While none were tripped they were very cautious, the pendant that matt found outside helped lead them to a library.
The Red Library had but one occupant, an arcanaloth sleeping in a chair with a book on it's lap. They woke him, he referred to himself as "Mr. Fox." After hearing of the Atropal's demise he urged the group to leave before Acererak returned, while he had no other info for them they did heed his warning and returned to the gate to leave the tomb.
Back in the Atropal's former lair a skeletal figure wrapped in moldering robes and clutching a skull-tipped staff appears on the south balcony. Hateful pinpricks of white light burn in its eye sockets, and a two-foot-diameter sphere of utter darkness floats in the air beside it. It was clear this was the lich that the entire tomb feared.
They decided that running was the best option, attacking where they could but their attacks seemed to do little to stop the advance. Sebastian remembered he had a potion of invisibility and quickly drank it, thinking that he was safe he stopped to watch what the lich would do. Unfortunately he did not realize that Acererak could still see him and his word of power would be the last thing that he would ever hear.
Seeing their now visible companion fall dead was enough for the rest of the party to flee as quickly as possible, exiting through the secret passages they discovered they could hear the wails of the lich as he realized the full extent of the damage the party caused in the tomb.
With treasures in hand they returned to the Fane, finding Ras Nsi already feeling better they left the Black Crown with him and the power struggle that would ensue. The quickly exited the city to avoid any further confrontations and to return to their friend as quickly as they could.
After weeks returning they found Syndra recovering nicely in Port Nyanzaru, as promised she had rewards already prepared and our remaining party retired to Waterdeep as heroes.
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