As the group moved back into the main room from the golden mastodon room they realized that the room had rotated back to its normal orientation. To the north a gate blocked their path and they once again were faced with 5 wardrobes  that had scenes of battle and torment on them.
Matt decided to throw a rock at one and brought fourth 2 bone devils. As each door was hit with a rock a different group came through the doors, and after each victory a light over the gate illuminated. After several long fights steve went down but not out due to a malfunctioning sunblade, after which the group prepared for the last round. This last door contained only a small ornathopter, desprate to return to where it came. The group showed mercy and let it return, as they did the final light was lit and they were able to pass through.
Searching the hallways they noticed that the lower level was littered with old armor, skeletons and coins, at the end of the hall they saw a bull skull with an ivory ring in it's mouth. Steve checked the stairs with a stick on the way down and found that something bad was at the bottom as his stick decayed in his hands. Jeremy as a water elemental went down next, unaffected by whatever was there and scouted around. He played with the ivory ring, looked downstairs for a while then returned upstairs to look into the next room. Finding only a large chain and a balcony he could not reach he returned to the group to tell them what he saw. Finally Steve suggested removing the ivory ring, forcibly. After a show of strength the ivory ring disintegrated and steve threw sebastion down the hall to make sure it was clear. It was.
The group descended into the lair of the Sewn Sisters, finding a prisoner in a cage they recognized him to be sebastion, before he was transformed into a female. This was a very crude copy of him and he was obviously abused and tortured, but he did provide the group with some useful information while freaking sebastion out. Three small dolls also approached the group and warned of the Hags, but not much more information was requested. Steve then freed the copy sebastion from the cage and let him escape by his own devices. After some deduction they realized the rooms around the hags lair needed to be entered to open the door locks for the skeleton door.
Each room contained a simple puzzle, and they managed not to trigger many traps within. As Matt would open one key slot, Steve was ready at the door to insert the key. They proceeded like this until steve was needed for the last door, after catching several spell pages the last keyhole was opened, returning to the main room they found the Hags waiting for them.
The coven of three hags appeared to be quite capable spellcasters and fighters, but the parties resolve proved to be too much for them and two of the sisters were killed. The third sister begged for her life and offered information in exchange but the party decided to kill her as well, they almost succeeded but at the last moment she escaped to another plane with the help of her heartstone. The party found another heartstone on the slain hag and two soul bags made from human skin, each containing a soul.
The group took a short rest following the battle, preparing for what awaits beyond the skull door. When they were ready they inserted the last key and the door lowered into the floor. This revealed what they have been searching for over the last month, the soul monger. It was suspended over a pool of lava on three large suspension beams and was feeding a floating Atropal. The gangling monster paid them almost no attention as the door opened and the party was left to devise a plan of attack.
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