The party returns to the depths below. Taking the stairs to the 5th level they have found that none of the traps have reset and the doors are still in the positions they left them. Searching the door at the bottom of the stairs they decided to jam it open revealing a large underground lake.
They stood on a short dock with 2 ships and a fishing cage, Matt walked on the water to scout the lake but found only walls and 3 large rooms on giant cogs. While scouting the others in the party were contacted telepathically by something on this level, curious as to what they were doing. Having scouted the area Matt returned to the group.
Working their way back to the main rooms they managed to find a control room that seemed to orientate rooms and openings. Steve & Sebastion waited in the main room while Matt turned the dials, when the rooms stopped moving a green gas poured into the room and animated 3 shambling mounds that attacked. Matt rotated the rooms back and together the group defeated them. They then organized a plan to rotate the rooms and take a boat to the 3rd room and meet back up with Matt.
This room revealed 5 dressers and only one exit to the south. Taking this corridor they found a life size mastodon plated in gold and surrounded by 5 paintings depicting a great Ch-ultan leader escaping hell on a mastodon. Steve jumps on the mastodons back, with the help of his god, and it begins to spin as the room is sealed by a large block. As the statue points to a painting demons escape it and attack the party, each demon getting increasingly more difficult to defeat. After 5 rounds the party managed to just survive the trials and the doorway reopened.
The party returned to the room to the north and made camp for the night. As they entered the room they noticed that it shifted and could now see a room to the north blocked by a heavy gate.
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