The party managed to sleep through the night next to the shattered magic mirror, but the constant mechanical noises below would make it a restless sleep. They found their traps undisturbed but several others had reset. Jeremy found himself to have turned into a half-goat similar to the body that once possessed the staff of force. They returned to maze to retrieve the black opal crown.
After opening the door they found the maze as they had left it, voices still speaking to them from the green skull. Matt stayed outside the door to reopen it if it closed. Steve swept the crown into a bag of holding and closed it up as he heard the door snap shut. Hearing noises around the corner Sebastion found 2 bodak emerging from their hiding spots. After much fear and staring into the abyss that is a bodak's face the party was able to defeat them.
They returned to the main staircase and pondered the decent into the room below, Sebastion, with lightbringer in hand, peered over the edge into the pit as Matt pushed him in. He hit the soft ground with a thud, dropping lightbringer in the process but protected from damage by his trickster god currently hitching a ride. Steve decided to rappel down securing a rope around the gargoyle statue. Jeremy also used the rope but Matt decided the quick way down was better, losing his grip near the top and falling to the ground as well.
This lower room smelled of dead & rotting plants, water could be heard but not seen. Exploring the southern exit from the room they found a message in blood scrawled on the ceiling "awaken Nepaka" leading into another wider hallway. After some shenanigans in the hallway a secret door revealed a large stone juggernaut that came crashing down the hallway at amazing speeds. Matt was rolled over while steve & sebastion stood their ground but took the brunt of the hit. Several other attacks were made before Steve realized that the mace they took from the queens tomb might work against this machine, one hit turned the juggernaut into dust. Searching the room afterwards they found the legendary ruby and a gargoyle with a missing arm. Matt hit sebastion in the face with it and the statue filled the corridor with poisonous gas. 
With a few kicks from steve the group was back on their feet and found a secret passage in the attached hallway. It led to a door with some kind of spell on it and a circular staircase leading upwards. They followed the stairs to level 4, stopping in the throne room and seeing the painters hard at work surrounding the walls around the still dead T-Rex zombie. As steve jumped down to holy water the dinosaur and start hacking it apart 2 tomb guardians approached and attacked the party. After much fighting they dispatched the guardians and resumed upwards.
On level 3 they found a tomb guardian chained to controls that appeared to operate the cylindrical room near the beholders lair. They let it be and continued.
Arriving back on level 2 they found 3 hallways, a dead end and 2 doors waited for them. Behind the western door they saw a corpse and several animated hands scouring what looked to be an office. Upon entering the corpse sprang to life and consumed the room and hallways in fire. With a skillful hit steve was able to destroy withers and his gang of animated hands. The party found his spell book, a book on creating golems and other treasures scattered about.
Opening the northern door they found the dwarves that have been alluding them in this dungeon, they attacked along with a tomb guardian and almost proved too much for the party. After a few close calls they were able to kill the dwarves and their guardian. They found several interesting treasures to take from this room and destroyed the mold used to make guardians. They found a secret passage at the top of the stairs in this room that was overlooked on the first floor. It was too close to the statue that destroyed matts armor for his liking so they returned to the workshop on level 2 to take a long rest.
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