After recovering from their adventures on level 3 the party descended down to the chamber of horror. The stairs gave way to a balcony overlooking 4 pillars with stone gargoyles on the top. They made offerings to the statues and looked down the surrounding hallways and open pit in the floor. A trapped lizard in a green skull spoke with Jeremy in druidic and told them of a secret door in this hallway. Finding the secret door they opened it, made some speculations from the hallway and left it alone, continuing past the green skull.
Ascending a staircase south they came to a door with a painting of a human-like creature with a field of stars for a face raising it's hand. When they mimicked the painting the door opened. Exploring this maze they found the Black Opal Crown. Hearing voices from another skull on the wall they decided to leave the crown for now. Looking at a second door in the maze they saw a similar painting however this creature was missing its right arm at the elbow.
They returned to the balcony and continued down a western hallway. Finding a door at the end with serpents on either side of it. After fiddling around with it a pair of secret doors opened and out came 6 wraiths. Dispatching them they opened the door to a great throne room, empty save for some painters on the level below the throne. They were painting scenes from the party's adventure so far, also on their level was the skeleton key. Searching for secret doors they found a northern door that had not been secured.
Inside this small room was a tomb and magic lamp, this trap was triggered several times before opening it to find Nepaka's remains clutching a scepter. Noticing that this was a similar scepter to what was on the throne Steve decided to swap it with the corpse. The former queen also had a jewelry box with a magical necklace inside. Content with this they returned to the throne room, Matt obtained the skeleton key without incident however when he attempted to attack one of the painters a Zombie T-Rex was unearthed and attacked. Surviving the attack they left the throne room and returned to a northern hallway.
This hall was trapped, at both the top of the stair and bottom. The party avoided the traps to find another tomb and a painting on the wall behind it that appeared to be a changing maze. Jeremy got too close to the maze and was sucked into it. He spent quite a bit of time looking for a way out, eventually finding a jade key. As he was doing this the party was attacked by Minotaur zombies, 10 of them assembled themselves from secret rooms surrounding the lower level. They held them off long enough for Jeremy to return, after which they returned to bones.
The casket was all smooth and changed colors every 6 seconds, Matt waited for the chest to turn green before inserting the jade key and turning. He was inhabited by Unkh and picked up his cloak from the corpse. Looking around they found a secret passage behind one of the Minotaur pens, using an invisible key they found earlier they were able to unlock a grandfather clock case and took the fabled treasure "Navel of the Moon."
Returning to the main area they checked the last hallway, after a fork in the road they noticed a mirror mounted to the wall at the end of the corridor. Suddenly Jeremy & Sebastion were transported into the mirror and held prisoner. Steve used Orc reasoning and smashed the mirror, freeing all of the creatures within. They fought with some of the fleeing creatures including a guardian that just did not want to die. After taking care of the threats they found another door with a painting of the star faced figure again holding up it's right arm with the arm still attached. Mimicking this Matt was able to open the door and found the other entrance to the Maze and the Crown. They returned to the main room to find one of the escapees dead on the stairs with a very ornate set of plate armor, emblazoned with scorpions and appearing to be made from the carapace of a giant scorpion. The group is currently attempting to rest in this area.

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