Waking from the long rest, they began to make a plan to retrieve what they saw in the statues hands earlier. Steve and Matt used the switch as Jeremy & Sebastion took the jewels. They met back again in a room that was full of water with a curtain of water in the middle of the room separating it from the other side. Looking at the paintings they concluded that they needed tridents to pass through the waterfall. They also found another jewel behind a false wall. Steve went through safely but Sebastion triggered the wall to fill the room with water, twice. They finally safely made it to the other side finding a hidden crawl space. Jeremy & Sebastion checked this hall as Matt & Steve checked the next room. 
Matt & Steve found a shadow that took Steve's form, before offering them soup, the whole time avoiding face contact and facing an empty closet. Steve refilled the shadows bowl until another jewel appeared in the stone font in place of the soup. Matt couldn't leave well enough along and attempted to sneak past the shadow to look in the closet, he caught a glimpse of his face and was instantly caught in an internal scream that reduced his HP to 0. Steve was able to drag him to safety. 
The party regrouped in the hallway outside of the room they saw a dwarf trigger locust to drop in and devour him. A secret peephole showed the party the way to safely navigate the traps. Steve was possessed by the god in the tomb, the dwarf had a lot of treasure on him. 
They returned to a passage that had a hole in the floor, once dropping down the room began to spin and almost killed Jeremy. They found a passage around this and came to a room with a Clay Golem in a pit. After talking with the gods they turned a statue surrounding the pit but this teleported the golem to their level where it attacked. They destroyed the Golem and took his key, opening the chest in the pit containing a lot of treasure and more gemstones.
Going around the corner they found a mirrored door with 10 openings, they did not have 10 gems.

Heading back to the main stairway they found 2 tomb guardians with a chain between them blocking a hallway. Steve anchored them with the immovable rod and the party finished them off. Finding behind them another hallway that appeared to be a tomb for another god. The skeleton key was in this room, Matt promptly took it's head off. 
Steve attempted to use force to open the door but after one kick the party was met with 3 Wraiths. After the battle they searched the room but decided to leave the tomb alone. They returned to the main hall to find a set of double doors. Opening the doors revealed tapestries stretched floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Moving one out of the way only revealed another with scenes of more depravity and decadence. At the end was a cursed boars head that was depicted in the tapestries. It entranced Matt to place his head in it's mouth as it began to chew, Steve came to the rescue but not before it almost took Matt's head off. After Steve removed the boars head from the mount and Matt's head from it's mouth they found some other treasures as well as the final gemstone. 
Returning to the mirrored door, Matt inserted the crystals while watching his reflection in the door decay in front of him. The door opened to reveal a circular room with piles of treasure in alcoves and a large round object covered with a cloth in the middle of the candlelit room. Walking in the floor was very slick and polished to a mirror finish. Matt & Sebastion bickered after Matt tried to mage hand push him, Sebastion retaliated by shooting Matt, while Matt's god was yelling about a beholder in the room. 
Combat began and they were attacked by the beholder known as Belchorzh. Sebastion being in the room was promptly attacked by eye rays as the rest of the party tried to flee. Sebastion was put to sleep, Jeremy was able to use his gods power of invisibility to help Sebastion to safety. The party was mercilessly mocked by Belchorzh during their retreat. 
The party made camp on the same level, returning to the small crawlspace to lick their wounds. 
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