The party resupplied at the Fane before heading back into the tomb. Upon entering they found all the traps reset and their traps either tripped or removed. They explored some of the first level that they had missed previously. 
A room contained a dead god and severed head in a crystal box. Not being able to sooth the soul in the box it attacked along with swarms of insects from the walls. After the fight they found a secret door that lead to an underground cistern. This opened up to a waterfall into a deep pit with a chest on a ledge on the other side of the pit. Sebastion jumped the gap with ease but steve lost his footing and fell to the bottom. Sebastion realized the chest was a mimic and it attacked. Steve climbed back up the ledge while the rest of the party dispatched the mimic.
They found the skeleton key in the cistern searching the opposite direction. They followed it to a hidden staircase and a chest suspended over a deeper body of water. They moved the chest over towards the stairs, Matt attempted to pick the lock but the chest was cursed and it destroyed his tools before teleporting him inside. Steve was able to break him out before he suffocated. The skeleton key nearby, they destoryed the body and took the head. 
Back in the regular chambers they destroyed the statute that previously drug matt across the floor and broke his armor. Searching the rest of the level they found a path blocked with a very sharp fan and chamber beyond. They decided to come back to this room if needed later. 
Descending to level 2, they searched the areas for the broken skeleton. Finding everything reset and the skull no longer where it was they searched the other hallways. They reinforced the circle of salt at the request of Matt's god possessing him. Going into the next room the chariot with the gods tomb was disturbed and the skeletons began to pour out from the cauldrons in the corners. Animated statues hurled magic spears during the fight before matt was able to remove the eye and stop the fight. 
They then descended into level 3, finding another warning on the wall they searched the passages, finally finding a large room with floating tables. When Matt pulled a handle on the wall a wind began to blow and fill the room. They did not jump down onto the platforms but chose to find a different route. They settled on a crawlspace with a small room to rest in behind the statue in the floating platform room.

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