The group got off to a rough start, 3 of them getting trapped in a false entrance with poisonous gas. They escaped, found a gold pendant behind a hidden wall on one of the god statues near the entrance. This pendant lead them to hidden entrance and very trapped hallway. Steve avoided the pit trap in the timed hall but in the second hall triggered dart traps that hit most of the party. 
At the end of this trapped hallway, a gaping face had a strange shadow in its mouth. They tried casting spells but none worked, matt suggested sticking a torch in its mouth so jeremy did. This summoned a shadow demon which was quickly dispatched. At the grand staircase they saw a dwarf on the level below so they gave chase, following them down a trapped hall with a gravity ring in the center. They found a dead half man/goat with a spell book and staff so jeremy took them. 
The room had a trap at the door but no clear trigger, wine poured in the room to pools from 4 areas with a sarcophagus in the middle. After messing with the sarcophagus for a bit they summoned wine sprites and the room began to fill with wine and the trap triggered trapping the party inside. The skeleton key was in this room but they knocked the skeleton to pieces. They found a secret passage down one of the wine passages that lead to a room with a pentagram in the middle. They avoided this area looking for tracks and secret passages, finding one that lead to a small hallway with a Dao in a bottle. 
They bargained with the dao to take it out of the tomb, finding another passage and room with several large statues and another sarcophagus. They avoided this area too, finding the door that lead them back to the grand staircase. They went back outside and took a short rest, setting the Dao free in the process, then heading back inside.
They continued searching the top floor, finding a room with a strange rusted statue. Upon entering matt was pulled across the floor and into the shield, causing his armor to disintegrate on impact. Jeremy joined him, searching the fountain and other rooms in the hallway. Finding a tomb with 6 thrones and a large bronze plate with eyes that followed their every move. A glass window let steve & sebastion see their friends being attacked by wraiths. They broke the window and moved in to help. The skeleton key was in this room as well, when the fighting was over it ran to the fountain room.
Following the key they drank from the fountain, restoring HP for steve & matt, but silencing jeremy & turning sebastion into a female. They left the skeleton alone and returned to the tomb. Matt opened the tomb and took out a ring, then was inhabited by one of the trickster gods. They laid traps of their own in the hallways and retreated out the entrance to the Fane to recover. They requested new items and equipment from Salida.

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