Nimsby was originally brought onboard the Reel Labyrinth by Captain Clifton 'Bird Eye' Cloven a few years back to translate goblin for the areas they were headed to. Lucky for Nimsby his services were not needed, even though he was a goblin it had been so long since he spoke the language that he couldn't even speak with children let alone negotiate the sale of goods.
His village was overrun by raiders when he was very young but was taken in by a group of humans shortly after and taught to fish and trade. This group landed in Leilon and set up roots, the town was in a state of rebuilding and the humans seemed to have found their home. Staying in one place for a while was fine with Nimsby normally but after several months in the same town it was clear to him that there was more of the Sword Coast that he needed to see.
He found Captain Cloven in port and has sailed with him for the past year. The Sword Coast seas were fraught with danger and he spent most of his time onboard helping the crew fend off pirates and sea creatures. A half-elf from Neverwinter named Nym Crafiel taught him the ways of a ranger, how to not be seen and use a bow effectively. The rest he learned on his own while onboard, he became quite indispensable and earned the rank of first mate.
Nimsby and the Captain became good friends and sailed all over coast and beyond. They finally made their way down to Chult, where the captain planned to retire. His career was an honest one and the ship had a good name in the trade industry. Nimsby expected the Captain to leave him in charge of the Reel Labyrinth.
However upon reaching port, Captain Cloven turned his hat over to another member of the crew. Feeling cheated, Nimsby stormed off into town and drank his fill for several days. By the time he had sobered up the ship and new captain were gone. He is now alone in strange port ready to begin a new chapter in his adventure.
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